What are the main parts of the mine loader?

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The work loader of the submerser is one of the core components of the loader, and its operation is done by hydraulic actuators. It is used to overcome the resistance of the material being cut and to complete a series of working devices such as inserting the pile, shoveling the material, lifting and removing the material. What parts does it consist of?
      ① quick change device: the main workplace for a variety of materials need to load and unload the working environment, the driver sitting in the cab can quickly replace the work device, easy to use, high operating efficiency, replaceable work devices are: shovel Bucket, clip wood fork and so on.
      ② grasping the bucket: mainly used in plant straw and other crawling, with a large opening, compact, grasping grass high efficiency.
      ③ increase the bucket: the basis of the standard model configuration, increase the bucket capacity to improve work efficiency to meet the proportion of lighter material shovels, such as: coal and so on.
      ④ rock king: mainly for loading and unloading rock conditions, the bucket of the bucket plate, supporting the bucket was strengthened, and equipped with a high wear-resistant side board, high wear-resistant precision casting teeth, thereby enhancing the bucket Of the service life.
      ⑤ high unloading black gold king: mainly used to meet the increasing height of the fence truck, for the lower proportion of coal and other materials, you can meet the high unloading, but also to meet the large load, greatly improve work efficiency.
      Mine loader is a very wide range of construction machinery, it is widely used in construction, highway, mining and defense projects, to speed up the construction speed, reduce labor intensity, reduce the cost of the project has an important role, so the loader At home and abroad, whether it is varieties or in terms of production have been rapid development, as one of the main varieties of construction machinery. Xiao Bian: llk