Flooding in the Yanze bully

  • 产品名称: Flooding in the Yanze bully
  • 产品分类: Flooding in the Yinze bully
  • 公司名称: 银泽工程机械有限公司
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  • 产品价格: 面议
  • 添加时间: 16/09/22
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Yanze small tyrants immediately into the flood relief, mainly responsible for the transport of materials, repair damaged sections, and shovel sand loading into the transport vehicles and other work. In front of the flood slope on the big slope, facing the Tao Tao River, the loader did not play timid, the machine is more afraid of fear; Yin Ze Xiao Bawang will be a piece of sand and ice flood control bag into the rolling river into, Anti-flood rescue in the invincible King Kong!

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